Bookkeeping isn’t rocket science, but running a successful hospitality business might as well be astrophysics. We’re not blowing smoke, we’re being honest. Our team of accountants and bookkeepers have spent years in hospitality, and understand what it takes to succeed.



Spend less time in the back office and more time on the floor. Our bookkeeping service is completely paperless. From the invoices, to bill pay to payroll, our goal is to not have a single piece of paper come out of our office.

  • Collection of Bills, Invoices & Receipts: We collect your important documents from vendor portals, email & physical documents. No more lost invoices, or piles of paper on your desk. All of your docs live in QuickBooks Online. Here are some cool ideas repurposing your filing cabinet on pintrest.

  • Vendor Reconciliation: We’ve all experienced it, and loath it more than a busser that doesn’t refill water: calls from vendors looking for a payment. We get vendors off your back by reconciling vendor statements to QuickBooks balances every month.

  • Reconciliation of Bank, Credit Card & Loan Accounts: It’s important, we could it explain it, but it really just isn’t that interesting so just trust us. Great real-time bank and register balances.

  • Entry of Daily Sales: We accurately enter your sales data the very next day, and you know where you stand without having to log into your POS.

  • Scheduling & Payroll: Payroll is complicated, mistakes happen. Take the responsibility of payroll off your plate. Reduce no shows with our scheduling software, and let employees know when they need to work.

  • Bill Pay: Business owners often have a death grip on their checkbooks. Take the stress out of paying the bills, knowing they are getting paid on time, electronically. No more lost checks; no more pesky vendor calls.

  • Sales, Lodging & Meals Tax Filings: Incorrectly filing your sales and use tax is like dropping a tray full of glasses on a busy night. Don’t be that busser.

  • Financial Reports: Get monthly basic management reports: Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and AP Aging. Interested in more in depth reporting? Well, you’ll find out more below.


Bookkeeping + Advisory

What’s the use of bookkeeping if you’re not going to use all of that awesome data? We live in a world full of data, and the most successful businesses capitalize on it. Our team of accountant advisers have spent years in fine dining. We use a suite of tools that allow us to pull in data from numerous sources to paint a complete picture of your business.

  • Budgeting: If you don’t have a budget already setup you’re already losing. We help you to create a conservative, achievable budget, so we can measure your success.

  • Key Performance Indicators: Its more than food cost. There are a lot of metrics out there to look at. We create beautiful visual reports for you and your management team that help increase financial comprehension.

  • Cost Cutting & Cash Flow Improvement: When was the last time you took a look at your utility suppliers? Trash? Phone bill? There are hundreds of ways to cut costs, and we know a lot of them.

  • Weekly One-on-One Video Calls: Have a face to virtual face call with your adviser. It can be a weekly call with just you, or we could also do a monthly presentation for your team. If you want, we can go all Gordon Ramsey on folks for you; we’re accountants, we have a lot of really weird pent up rage.


POS Implementations

Navigating the world of Point-of-Sale is absolutely horrible. The majority of sales people don’t tell you the truth, and anyone you ask “Hey what POS do you recommend?” just say the last POS they worked with, despite it being older than the printer from Office Space. It is a painful process, we know. Over the years we have seen a lot of them, and a lot of them are not great. Different systems are good for different styles of restaurants. We can help navigate the waters, and even install the system for you.


Quickbooks Online Conversions

If you are not using cloud-based software, you are behind the times. Move to the cloud, access your data from anywhere; A beach in Cancun, or under a stainless steel table, weeping after a hard service (we’ve all been there). QuickBooks Online opens you up to a whole range of apps that give you more robust features. Making the switch can be a little tricky, so we’ll do it for you.

  1. Move your data from Quickbooks Desktop

  2. We’ll verify your data: Once your books have made the journey, we’ll make sure nothing was dislodged.

  3. Personalized one-on-one training: Once we’ve gotten everything set, we’ll give you 1-3 hours of training, depending on the package selected.