How it Works

Prix Fixe translates to fixed price. It is a French term that refers to a type of menu featuring a pre-selected list of dishes at a set price. The menu is curated by the chef – you’re given limited options for each course and away you go. In our case, we are the chef providing you with a selection of technology and services, at a fixed price, that will dramatically improve your business’ efficiency.


1. Send us your Data

Prix Fixe Accounting pulls your data from a number of sources. Our goal is to automate this process as much a possible, however, a little client input is always needed.

  • Sales Data from your POS.

  • Timecards from your POS or scheduling software.

  • Bills from the scanners we install, or directly from vendor portals.

  • Receipts from employees & managers via our expense report software.

2. We Process your information

Once we have your data, it’s in QuickBooks Online within 24 hours. From there we:

  • Pay Your Bills: With our payments platform, we pay your bills electronically within terms, allowing you to hold on to your cash longer and improving cash flow.

  • Process & Record Payroll: We extract your timecards and tip pooling data, your money is pulled out 1-2 days before payday.

  • Reimburse Employees: Stop payouts from the drawer, and reimburse via ACH

  • Pay Taxes: We pay your payroll, sales, meals, lodging and other taxes.

  • Vendor Reconciliation: Every month, we reconcile your Cost of Goods Sold.



3. We close your books and provide you with Reports

Our goal is to have your books ready by the 20th of the following month. Once ready, we send out Monthly Management Reports for bookkeeping clients. These reports consist of: Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, AP/AR Aging & Statement of Cash Flows

Our analysis goes much deeper with advisory services:

  • Expanded Management Reports + Performance Dashboard

  • Customized Metrics with benchmarking

  • Budget vs Actuals Report

  • Weekly Video calls with your Accountant Advisor